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[STREAMS WERE AVAILABLE FROM 18.04.2019 TILL 26.04.2019]

Iuliana Golub

Iuliana broadcast were organized in the specially built aquarium in Wroclaw with snails Achatina, which became a laboratory for the study of "principles of success"

LR #008

Topic: Study of the success principles in gastropod mollusks, particularly in Giant African snails Achatina.

Objective: Determine and describe the behavior strategies and principles that contribute to the successful achievement of goals of the snails. Identify and describe these strategies and principles. Describe how the principles of their behavior allow snails to be more successful than other species of animals, with different speed strategies. Prove that the snails success principles are evolutionarily justified.

Equipment and materials: Terrarium, with a capacity of 54l 8 test subjects - Achatina fulica snails Soil, moss, snag, edible supplies, printed materials inviting snails to a dialogue about success.