[STREAMS WERE AVAILABLE FROM 18.04.2019 TILL 26.04.2019]

Egor Kraft

The webcam of Egor Kraft broadcasted his video "Hollow Domain" played on TV screen in loop. This technical approach created endless recursion of reproductions that are based on a virtual room from the video. The "metaphor of existential freedom, the conventionality of boundaries" presented in the project was enhanced by the multiplicity of representations. The infinity of space existed in the video were prolonged in the darkness of the glossy surface of the monitor - a black mirror.

The video is a visual metaphor for such subjects as the conditionality of boundaries and the predominance of essence over existence. Along with this, it has a sculptural dimension related to the evolution of form in space and time. The space as a black absolute - presented as an allegory of authentic freedom as well as the narrative links to the philosophical discourse of how consciousness and existence are related to each other.